How To Inject Anabolic Steroids

There are three areas where steroids are the easiest and safest to inject. They are the glutes, delts, and thighs. The glutes are the easiest and safes out of the three, so we will explain injection procedures for the glutes. The injection procedure will be explained in easy to understand writing. (Please read the disclaimer at the bottom. Note: This is just a rough guide to steroid injections.)

When injecting into the glute, divide one of the glutes into four equal quadrons, you are aiming at the top outer most quadron. Now in more detail, it should be 2-3 inches below the iliac crest. Iliac crest, the top of the pelvic girdle on the posterior (back) side. You can find this area by feeling the uppermost bony area above each cheek. This area has few nerves and blood vessels.

Syringes. When getting needles there are two types of needles, oil based and water based, make sure you get the right one. An example syringe is 22 gauge 1 1/2", the higher the number infront, the skinnier the needle is, the lower, the thicker, or duller the needle is. The second number after the word "gauge" is how long the pin is. You want atleast an inch length so it goes deep inside the muscle.

First things first, make sure you have the right drug, and you know what dosage you are going to take. First off we'll use the vial(bottle with rubber top). Everyone should use all precautions, just to be safe. It is recommended that the person taking the injection showers before the shot. It is easier to get a friend to help as well. After the shower, both persons should wash their hands with soap and water.

After everything is ready, clean the injection site using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Then do the same with a new swab at the top of the vial, where the needle will be inserted. Take the needle out of the wrapper, draw the needle full of air(pull the handle back all the way), insert it into the vial, push the air into the vial, turn the needle and vial upside down(the bottle should be facing down, and the needle facing up), and pull back the need to the required amount. I first expect it just to quickly run into the needle but it takes a little time. Add about 1/4 cc to the amount, so if you want 2 ccs, take up 2 1/4 ccs, because of the bubbles. Next take a new syringe, remove it from the plastic, unscrew the pin, and switch it with the pin from the syringe with the steroid in it. Take the needle out of the bottle, keep it facing up, and tap the plastic part of the syringe, to get all the little bubbles out. When all the air is towards the pin(metal part), start pushing the syringe so the air comes out of the needle, you will see the air rise to the top, don't stop until a few little drops of the drug run down the pin. It tells you the air is out, and it gives lubrication. Reswab the injection site, make sure you know where it is, and slowly insert the needle like a dart. After the needle is in deep, pull back on the plunger(like drawing air into the needle) without removing any of the needle from the body, pull it out about 1/2 cc, this is to make sure it doesn't fill with blood, if it fills with blood it means it is inserted into a blood vessel. If no blood is present, you should see bubbles, then push the needle, so the liquid is injected inside the body. Do this slowly, then after the liquid is in, remove the needle, and apply a cotton swab. Massage the injection site with the swab on for a few minutes to minimize soreness. Dispose of all waste into a safe place.