Oxymetholone — The Man Made Steroid

Oxymetholone is an anabolic man-made steroid, with hormones corresponding to testosterone and is commonly used to cure anemia. The mechanism of the drug works in increasing the hormone which creates red blood cells.

It is frequently used to deal with different type's deficiency of red blood cells, inclusive of aplastic anemia, myelofibrosis and hypoplastic anemia which is produced by chemotherapy.

Adult dose of 1-5 mg per kg and the usual active dose is 1-2mg per kg daily.

The oral medicine is best when taken with food and milk, this will avoid distressed stomach. It is important to be regular with your dosage and take it punctually at the same time each day. Users must be careful and never increase the dose because it can have terrible side effects. The medicine has a slow and steady effect and the body will start gaining the benefits of the medicine in 3-6 months.

Some of the users also suffer from diarrhea, difficulty in sleeping, excitation, disturbed state of mind, swelling of ankle or feet, difficulty in breathing, increase in acne growth and increase or decrease of sexual moods.

Young men who have not yet attained puberty must report signs like enlargement of the penis and frequent erections to the physician.

In females Oxymetholone may show masculine tendencies. Hence it is essential to know the bad and good effects of the treatment before hand.

A healthy nutritious diet rich in folic acid is highly effective in improving the condition of the body. The blood count of the patient needs to be checked regularly in order to monitor improvement.